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My Story

"Potential is not an endpoint but a cap‍‍‍acity to grow and learn"

Eileen Kenn‍‍‍edy-Moore

Clinical Psychologist

My Story

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As a child I dreamt of having a profession that would involve making people better. My first degree was in Food Technology with plans to create food for people with various medical conditions. The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90’s diverted my path towards the corporate world.

In 1996 I came on a secondment from Unilever Russia to the UK. I’ve studied alongside other international young professionals and gained my MSc in International Business (Birkbeck College, London). I have enjoyed the drive of hard work, achievement and corporate change, learnt cutting edge business practices from some of the best people in the industry.

Little did I know that my life journey would take a U-turn to get me back to my calling and I would get to use my knowledge and skills to make a difference to people’s lives. In 2001 I became a mother – the hardest and most important job of all. In January 2005 my eldest son was diagnosed with Autism and Severe Learning Difficulties. His diagnosis marked the start of a roller coaster ride so familiar to every parent, especially the parent of children with special or additional ‍‍‍needs. The world that I knew had collapsed again with a new priority– to help my son, and ultimately my whole family unit, achieve the best possible outcome.

Every person is very individual and complex and there is no one single pill or method that will ‘fix’ every single aspect of that person. I cannot say to anyone ‘I helped someone who is just like you’, what I can say is that I will engage everything I’ve learnt and everyone I’ve learnt from to empower my clients to achieve their goals.‍‍‍

I am your partner/ craftsman with a mission to get results you never dreamt possible with a toolkit ranging from but not limited to EEG based Biofeedback, Psy-Tap, Kinetic Shift/ Hypnosis, NLP coaching. All the techniques I’ve learnt are very effective and quick (I h‍‍‍ad no time to waste as my son was growing fast and needed help).


I am committed to self-improvement, expanding my knowledge and very passionate to deliver optimal results.  

  Investment of time and personal commitment to change is required from every client I work with to fully integrate their innate perceptions and behaviours with our new and shared learning and resources.  


I am a mother of 2 wonderful young men and devote a lot of my time to this job. I love country walks with my autistic son and our mad schnauzer, can get lost in a good book and have a dream to walk The Great Wall of China one day…

‍‍‍I am NOT a Doctor or Therapist!

I have had great teachers, learnt techniques and approaches that made a difference to my child and, subsequently, to other young and not so young people. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that your skills, knowledge and experience made a difference to someone’s life.‍‍‍