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‍‍‍"Potential is not an e‍‍‍ndpoint but a capacity to grow and learn"

Eileen ‍‍‍Kennedy-Moore

Clinical‍‍‍ Psychologist

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I use a range of Applied Neuroscience approaches to build your Personal Optimisation Programme with your desired outcomes, needs and lifestyle at core.


Everything I do is tested and has a proven track record achieved by myself, my trainers and my colleagues. I am very proud to credit people who have inspired and enabled my personal transformation to a successful Optimal Performance Coach (see credits on my Links page).


I look for complex solutions that would address the brain-body connection and utilise human ability to rewire and create new neuronal pathways.


Neurofeedback combined with NLP, Hypnosis and Psycho-Sensory Techniques retrains the brain to regain better control and focus, improve the motivation, memory, ability to self-regulate and learn.


Together we will create a scaffolding to support massive change to ‍‍‍your personal life, business affairs and the future of your company that you can construct. (metaphor from Peter Freeth “Coaching Excellence”)

I call the skills, techniques and technologies I’ve acquired over the years My Toolkit simply because I use them as and when ‍‍‍and how is appropriate to achieve the best results for an individual or a group I work with. I also have an extensive Network of Practitioners for referrals when more specialised knowledge is required for the best outcome.‍‍‍

“Your brain is a muscle – exercise and mental activity stren‍‍‍gthen and sustain both it and its ‍‍‍ongoing ability to learn.”

What do I have to craft your best self with?



‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Hypnosis / ‍‍‍Kinetic Shift


My Tool Kit Tools

Norman Doidge, M.D. “The Brain That Changes Itself”‍‍‍